Dare to make differently.
Think out of the box, explore new horizons.


The brand is a combination of two words : « Audace » in French means « Boldness/Daring », « One » is added to evoke uniqueness.
The logo, an A in an O, expresses the spirit of the brand: Be bold to stand out.
An Audaceone is designed for you if you want to distinguish with modernity and elegance.



Clément Jean-Louis, born in Paris, is both an engineer and an entrepreneur.
He developed his passion for watches from an early age, when he began repairing an old watch which belonged to his great grandfather.

Over the years he discovered a rich universe, imbued with know-how, techniques and passionate people.
Curiosity turned into passion, watchmaking became the central element of his career. He completed his engineering studies at Jaeger-LeCoultre and decided to create his own brand with resolutely contemporary codes and values.

His vision is towards the future and he dreams of watches whose design and technical innovations respect watchmaking traditions.


Passion. Creativity. Innovation.


A process that requires expertise and patience.
But above all, an open mind.

At Audaceone we like to challenge codes. We don’t want to do déjà vu. The sources of inspiration are countless and creativity develops through encounters and discoveries.

Sketching session.
Vincent Fourdrinier, designer of SQUARE



The women and men who work on each component express their know-how in a unique way.

Audaceone is a bridge between traditional techniques and contemporary design.
The expert and creative hand meets the precision of the machines.

Our watches are Swiss Made. Details : All our components are custom made by our partners located exclusively in Switzerland and France.

The craftsmanship at every stage of production and attention to detail are the criteria for excellence in each of our watches.

We select outstanding components, such as Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier’s VMF 3002 automatic movement for SQUARE.

From the raw material to the finishing of each component, they are renowned for their expertise and work with the biggest names.


Because pushing back the limits cannot be improvisation.

Beyond our disruptive approach to design, we select materials with exceptional properties.

Carbon fibre composites have an unmatched weight-to-resistance ratio. For our watches, we use aeronautical technologies that guarantee the highest level of quality and reliability.

The mechanism of the watch is integrated directly on the carbon frame to reduce the number of parts required and thus reduce the weight.

SQUARE is composed of Carbon and Titanium Grade 5, both used in aeronautics. This design approach allows SQUARE to weigh only 70 grams. Once on the wrist, the watch gives a feeling of lightness and comfort that you can’t do without.